Oh man, it was so gorgeous, the location and my company (eBolters)

by xanthomas, Monday, February 13, 2017, 19:04 (282 days ago) @ syr

It was perfect. We got there well after dark and the moon was still quite low, so hiking along the trail we had only the light of her big flashlight and we were just surrounded by animals rustling in the leaves and brush. Sometimes it came quite close and we stopped to flashlight on it to see if we could see the deer or fox or whatever it was. We never quite did.

It was a warm night, and she led me to a spot on the lake, and the water is quite low right now so there were lots of exposed rocks, including this cliff face with big giant rocks and we sat down on one of those overlooking the lake and surrounded by woods on all sides.

I got pretty hot, being an out of shape couch potato nerd so I was a little sweaty and tuckered out when we got there. The rocks were cold though, so after a little sitting and talking and looking around we laid down and held hands and looked at the stars for a while and cooled off. After a little while she climbed on top of me and we just held each other for a while still. She was amused by how my heartbeat would speed up when she kissed me and told me she likes my smell.

While this was happening the full moon started to rise above the trees and it was just breathtaking being able to see the wild around us in the bright moonlight so we sat up to enjoy the view and talk some more. There was still the sound of the deer in the woods all around us, across the water, at one point a squirrel ran up a tree right near us and that was the only animal we actually saw.

There was lots of making out, but no nudity or other hanky panky. We were out there until almost midnight and then walked back along the trail with no flashlight because the moon was so bright we could see.

If this ends up being something serious (and I hope that it is) that night will be a romantic story we tell, I'm sure. That and how she flirted with and eventually hit on me relentlessly for a month before I asked her out. :-D

"The stars fell from the night sky as he reached his hands in the air"

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