Do you... work for the government? (eBolters)

by Ophelia, Thursday, May 04, 2017, 23:06 (19 days ago) @ Frantoll

Because all of that sounds like SOP.

Realistically, I think this just one of those facts of life - it's something I struggle with, actually. Granted, I work for a huge company, with a fairly large department of folks doing ostensibly the same work as I - there is definitely push to have our more experienced folks mentoring our newbies, so at least some of the cost of 'we're going to have an entry level person do this, with a senior member supervising is usually expected/bid for, just because that's how we work in general. (and realistically, that's how we have to work - we can't just have our senior members doing entry level work, but we also need to have someone show our entry level folks what to do.)

But, as I'm shifting toward being more of a manager (team, project, etc), rather than a functional, it's hard for me to (not) say "this would take me 30 minutes, why even bother to have someone else do it..." (Because it's the same game - I have to go to the other orgs management, explain what I need, and the timeline, then they have to identify someone to do it, then I have to go through it all again...)

(Add in the bureaucracy of gov't contracting, and you start to understand why a mil standard toilet seat costs $300)

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