Hello from the farm! (eBolters)

by Dane, Tuesday, April 25, 2017, 11:42 (207 days ago)

Just buzzing by for the biannual check in.
Farm is growing slowly. Last year was an awful year for crops, what with the drought.
Meat chickens were mildly successful. Too many customers said they wanted X number of birds, then bought zero birds when they were ready.
Rabbits are taking off nicely. We have a couple regulars for them at the farm stand, plus a small retail contract with a local co-op grocery store. Working on a wholesale deal with the meat processor we use to sell them live rabbits for them to resell. More money in that than selling our own.
We were planning on raising meat goats this year, but not wanting to get burned like with chickens, I'm requiring deposits up front. No real interest from our customers, so we likely won't bother.
Learning all sorts of fun skills. Built our farm stand and chicken coop from the ground up, replumbed the water lines in the house, running my own electrical while renovating rooms, putting up my own drywall, learned to skim coat old plaster. Fun shit like that.

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