Yeah, that's a big deal. I wonder how that will work. (eBolters)

by Frantoll, Friday, March 31, 2017, 12:14 (237 days ago) @ madmike

PHI (Personal Health Info) is a big deal, but so is PII (Personally Identifiable Info). I've written courses around how to handle that stuff for people who deal with that every day so they don't end up screwing up and earning massive fines for their companies. And it's hard to create a culture that's sufficiently cautious and paranoid enough to not make mistakes.

But cable providers? They don't know the first thing about HIPAA--and why should they, right? It has nothing to do with their business model. If they start trying to figure out how to untangle customer data and what they can sell, that's a whole new thing that didn't exist before as a business.

And beyond the intentional (and legal) screwing of customers that's going to start happening, there's going to be a bunch of unintentional (and illegal) screwing of customers as they move into this brave new world.

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