Specday! (eBolters)

by Scazy, Saturday, March 04, 2017, 08:53 (264 days ago) @ syr

Saw on facebook your kids are all grown and stuff. The years slip away. I don't even remember what year your internet friend Scazy brought over pizza and met your family irl and the kids were bouncing around like little kids do. T was gracious and it was actually not that odd.

Kinda weird that in 2017 we would probably not arrange a meeting of internet friends at someone's house anymore. The world has changed.

It also is weird that I've known you now for like many years - want to put a number on it? It's been 15+ years. Just somebody out there in internet land that played a game with you long ago who is wishing you well (even belated) a happy Bday and hope all is well.

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